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Consulting and training to simply your life.

We are pleased to offer QuickBooks™ training and support for our clients. Learning QuickBooks™ offers small-business owners and staff the ability to accurately track business accounting information. QuickBooks™ is affordable and offers scalability so users can utilize only the functions they need without having to learn all the capabilities at once.
We worry about the human resources and employee administration needs of our clients. That shift of responsibility allows our clients to focus on what matters most, their core business. Simply put, our Team of HR experts serves as an HR Department or an extension of our clients’ existing HR Department.
 We can provide value to your company ranging from posting jobs, preparing offer letters and job descriptions, maintaining employee files, or simply helping you find partners to work with to offer benefits to your employees. The future of all organizations rests on the quality of its people. How organizations plan for the future and respond to the need for new and different talent separates the winners from the losers.
For a small one-time fee, we can help you launch your business too! We can file all required forms to obtain your federal ID number, and based on your type of business, all the federal and state government forms needed for payroll. Your business is our priority!
We provide notary services to the public and to our clients.
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